CA/CMA Inter DT & Cost and Management Accounting (Regular Batch) for May & Nov 24 onwards by CA Bhanwar Borana & CA Ranjan Periwal

 16,199.00 17,549.00

New Recordings as per New Syllabus of ICAI

Batch For Nov 24 Starting From 15th Feb 2024

Live Batch Starting From 19th Feb For Nov 24

New Batch For Nov 24 Starting From 15th Feb 2024
Timings : 7:30AM – 11AM
Live Batch with 100% Backup

Batch 1 : Latest Completed Recording For May 24 & onwards

Batch 2 : Live Batch Starting From 19th Feb For Nov 24 Exams (100% Backup)
Timings : 11 AM – 1:10 PM
Days : Monday, Wednesday, Fri-Sunday

Language : Hindi-English Mix
No of Lectures : 60 -65 Lectures.
Duration : 155 – 160 hours.
Validity : 9 Months from the date of activation
Views : 1.5 Times
Study Material :
1 Compact Theory Book
1 Compact Q&A Book

System Requirement :-
Simultaneous login on Android App and Laptop or Desktop is permitted After you log out from the other device. For Eg. If you have activated in Android and now you wish to watch the lectures in Desktop or Laptop, You just have to Log out of the application in Android and Login in the application in Laptop or Desktop.

Live At Home will only work on Laptop with Windows 8.1 or 10,11 or above. (Minimum 10MBPS Speed with Wifi Connection) or Android version 7.0 or higher

For Google Drive & Pendrive
1. It can be played on LAPTOP or DESKTOP (screensize : 22 inch)
2. It will run only on Windows OS.
3. It will run only on Windows 8.1,10,11 or any other higher version.

For Mobile (Android ONLY)
1. It will NOT Run on MOTOTROLA devices.
2. Android version 7.0 or higher will be required.
3. 3 GB Ram & 32 GB Internal Memory Atleast will be Required

Cost and Management Accounting
Language : Hindi – English Mix
No. of Lectures : 95 lectures
Duration : 170 hours
Validity : 12 Months
View : 1.5 times for each video (Eg – A video of 2 hours can be watched for a total of 3 hours)
Study Material: Exhaustive Multicoloured books for Cost

System Requirements

1. *Cross-Platform Accessibility:* Users can seamlessly log in to the Android app and on their Laptop or Desktop. Simply log out from one device to switch to another. For example, if you’re using the app on your Android device and want to switch to your Laptop or Desktop, log out from your Android device and log in on your Laptop or Desktop.

2. *Google Drive & Pendrive Requirements:*
– Laptop/Desktop: Playable on screens with a size of at least 22 inches, exclusively on Windows OS (Windows 8.1, 10, 11, or later).

– Mobile (Android Only):
– Requires Android version 7.0 or higher.
– Minimum hardware requirements: 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory.


CA Bhanwar Borana, CA Ranjan Periwal


Batch 1 (Recorded for may 24 & onwards), Batch 2 (Live starting for Nov 24 DT 15th feb, Cost 19th Feb)

How You want it?

GoogleDrive/Mobile(Android), LIVE AT HOME, Pendrive/USB


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